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Tony Ferguson on Al Iaquinta callout: “Don’t be giving me an easy fight.”

Ferguson is on a 9 fight win streak and it seems Al Iaquinta wants to put an end to this.


Tony Ferguson is currently awaiting his next UFC opponent after his long-awaited bout with Khabib Nurmagomedov was cancelled due to Khabib missing the 155 weight limit. But it seems Al Iaquinta wants to fight Ferguson next, just weeks after there heated Twitter spat Al Iaquinta took to the MMA hour to further call out Ferguson saying “Tony Ferguson, you’re a little b*tch. I’ll f*cking knock you out so fast, you f*cking p*ssy.”

Al Iaquinta’s anger towards Ferguson was new to him, Ferguson sated on the MMA hour that “I had nothing but respect for Al for a long time, and I’m not really going to disregard it, but when he says ‘f*ck Ferguson’ or something like that, at least have the balls to tag me in it, If you’re going to f*cking say something like that, tag me in that b*tch. Point and clear, if you can’t say something to my face, at least tag me in the motherf*cker”.


It seemed that Ferguson wasn’t too fazed by Al Iaquinta’s social media callouts, rather than reacting like it was personal, it’s not a shock that Ferguson is staying focused on his title shot that he so badly craves but is still yet to receive. During the UFC retreat, he commented on a Nate Diaz showdown saying to “So regardless, if he wants to fight, I’m not going to back down from a fight, but I already offered somebody a fight and I’m not trying to go backwards. I’m moving forwards. I’m a champ. I’m a superstar. And I move like a superstar in that Octagon, and I expect somebody to move like that when they signed that dotted line with me. Don’t give me an easy fight. I want somebody that’s worth it, that’s put in their time and put in the amount of effort. It’s not just about knockouts, son.It’s about finishing people. It’s about putting in that time, putting in all five rounds”

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