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Rising star Francis Ngannou not impressed with Stipe Miocic

Francis Ngannou was not impressed with Stipe’s first round TKO victory over former champ JDS.

After UFC 211, Stipe Miocic avenged a loss to a former opponent when he knocked out Junior Dos Santos.  Miocic not only tied the record for consecutive heavyweight title defences in the UFC (2) but he also outboxed a heavyweight that has long been called the best boxer in the UFC, toward a TKO win.

Despite these things, rising heavyweight Francis Ngannou was not impressed with Stipe Miocic’s victory over JDS. On The MMA Hour this past week, Francis Ngannou told Ariel Helwani “That was a good performance, but I was not impressed, I need more than that.”

Ngannou is currently ranked #5 in the heavyweight division and currently boasting a 5-0 UFC win streak with all of his victories coming within 2 rounds. He most recently secured a TKO victory over veteran UFC heavyweight and former champion Andrei Arlovski in the first round of their fight. Despite his overall 10-1 record, “The Predator” has only been competing professionally for just under 4 years and feels he is ready to tackle and beat, Stipe Miocic.

“I would say I’m more impressed with someone like Cain Velasquez. I think Velasquez is the best heavyweight that we have, and that’s why I want to fight him.”

Ngannou has received criticism for his thoughts on the Miocic fight. He tells Ariel that he has always received criticism for his late arrival to the game, “Since the beginning, even before my first fight in the UFC, people said, ‘he’s not ready, he just started MMA two years ago, they’re going to beat him up, it’s too early,’ and something like that. But what are we going to do? You’ll always have those kinds of people, and if it’s someone that supports Stipe, of course, they’re going to say you still need to improve yourself, you need to learn more, Stipe is tougher than you.”

“You can’t think too much about what someone says. Someone will always be negative, someone will always talk shit, and you’ll always have those kinds of people, but you have to choose what you want to hear and continue your growing.”

Having recently arrived in Vegas to live from Paris, Francis is ready for all comers and feels he will be joining an established MMA team in the next few weeks. “The reasons why I moved to Las Vegas is because right now I’m ready for all challengers. I’m ranked No. 5 right now and I could probably fight anyone right now. I already called out Velasquez but he says he’s injured, but I would like to fight him and then get a title shot.”

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