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Demetrious Johnson on turning down T.J. fight “UFC threatened to fold flyweight division if I don’t fight T.J. Dillashaw”

The pound for pound king had some shocking revelations over his weight class.


Demetrious Johnson is one win away from breaking Anderson Silva’s title defence record. After his dominant title reign, the UFC would like his next fight to be against one T.J. Dillashaw, much to DJ’s anger.  According to the pound for pound king, the UFC president had told him they wanted to make the fight and he also asked why he was ‘denying’ the former Bantamweight champ his shot. Demetrious said on the MMA Hour that this ‘set him off’. He further went on to say “You done f*cked up, I’m done.” Johnson has firmly stated he is looking out for his own career and that he doesn’t owe anything to T.J. But this seemed to anger Dana White, with latest reports saying that Dana is threatening to scrap the whole Flyweight Division.

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This seemed to anger the champ, even more, he decided to call their bluff saying:

“I said close the mother f*cking division then, because if somebody is willing to do that, that just shows you that they have no interest whatsoever in working with the champion. I never missed weight, always showed up on time, did all of my interviews on fight week, traveled to Australia in coach two times for the flyweight division. I’ve done a lot. F*ck that, This isn’t T.J. Dillashaw’s career. This is my career. This is how it’s going to f*cking happen.”

The flyweight champ tied the record title defence back in April with his tenth straight defence but now it seems if he doesn’t accept the fight with T.J. it seems that he wouldn’t get the chance to break the record.

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Demetrious has formerly said he would like to attempt to break the record against either Ray Borg or Sergio Pettis but this seems now this won’t happen. This speculation comes after Cody Garbrandt pulled out off the fight with T.J. which then caused him to call out Demetrious Johnson and it seems Dana is a fan of this idea. Johnson ranted on saying;

“I respect the UFC saying, ‘Hey, we’re gonna close your f*cking division, take T.J. to fight, Sounds good. Here’s my stance: Go ahead and f*cking close it. Like I respect them being honest and straightforward with it. But don’t expect me to be, ‘OK, I’ll take the T.J. fight if you’re gonna close my division.’ No, no, no, no. That’s not how it works. What have I been doing the last five years in this division? Trying to make it the best division in the world.”

It seems that there is going to be no end to this saga any time soon.

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