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Biggest win yet for Scotland’s finest, Stevie Ray

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It was the toughest test yet for Scotland’s Stevie Ray at UFC Fight Night 108 against one of the most prolific finishers in the history of MMA, Joe Lauzon. After a tough test, Braveheart come out victorious. 

It wasn’t to be easy for Stevie Ray, who found himself testing his ground game in the first round against a real specialist in Lauzon. In fact, it seemed the fight couldn’t have gone much worse for Stevie after round one, with UFC commentator Brian Stann speculating that the first round could well have been a 10-8 in Lauzon’s favour.

When we interviewed Stevie earlier this year he told us he’d been working on his ground game a lot, and that we hadn’t yet seen the skills he’d developed between his fight camps in Glasgow with the Dinky Ninjas and in Canada with Tristar. Now though, it seems that hard work has paid off.

Ray survived the early ground assault where so many have succumbed, and after that, the momentum slowly shifted in the Scot’s direction with Lauzon seeming to have used up a lot of energy going for the early finish.



The takedowns Lauzon was able to land were off the back of a Ray kick. This wasn’t lost on Stevie’s corner who told him in between the first and second rounds not to throw any kicks. Despite that, when Stevie saw an opportunity for a kick again in the second he threw it, and again he was taken down. Again between rounds, the corner told their man to avoid kicks altogether, and this seemed to pay off.

By the end of the third round, Stevie was swinging hard shots at an essentially stationary target, as Lauzon had very little left after failing to finish early. By the end of the fight, the judges decided Stevie had done enough in the second and third round to take a hard-fought decision.

Fan’s in Scotland will be hoping to see Ray make his return to the Octagon in Glasgow on July 16th. Stevie was part of the first ever UFC in Scotland last year and will surely be looking to make the return to fight in his home country once again.


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