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Alistair Overeem branded cheater by Mark Hunt

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Ever since UFC 200, Mark Hunt has been locked in arguments with the UFC and president Dana White and is currently in a court battle with the UFC still due to the controversy surrounding his fight with Brock Lesnar and if the UFC knew Lesnar was taking PEDs.

In the lead up to his UFC 209 fight with Overeem, Hunt heavily criticized the UFC and accused the UFC of backing him into a corner and making him take this fight with Overeem. “The Reem” has had a checkered past when it comes to PED use and is one of the notable fighters for being bust previously taking steroids.

UFC 209 didn’t go Hunt’s way, he lost due to 3rd round TKO via knees and after this loss, his anger was only amplified when UFC president Dana White revealed that Alistair had been administered an IV after being taken to the hospital due to food poisoning. IVs have been banned since USADA have gotten involved with the UFC as they can be used to mask certain PEDs but before that, they were used routinely to rehydrate after weight-cutting.

On the fight, Hunt said “I just got caught with a knee in the head, that’s what happens. That happens in fighting and that’s what happens, you make a mistake and you lose.”

“I still don’t understand why he was allowed an IV. If you’re going to set a rule, set a rule for everyone, not change it for your own liking, your own benefit.”

The use of IVs is banned by USADA and the Nevada State Athletic Commission. However, Overeem and his team apparently “did their homework” and ensured what they were doing with the IV usage was cleared with USADA and the UFC. Hunt, however, only found out when the rest of us did when Dana White told everyone after the fight.

Hunt doubts Overeem’s sickness and had more than a few choice words to say about the situation.

“I would’ve told him to toughen up. Fuck. Toughen up, mate. He didn’t look sick when he got to the fight. He looked like he was pretty hydrated there.”

“I don’t believe he was sick at all. He made shit up, and they said “oh, here, have an IV. Give you a bit more help. Load of shit. I think I might say that next time, “I’m sick, I’m sick. Rubbish.”

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To Hunt, it’s not to do with the loss, its more to do with the fact he has fought many people recently who have either been caught with PEDs immediately after the fight or have a previous history using PEDs, such as Alistair Overeem. “He got away with cheating and that’s it. He got away with it, so good on him. He didn’t get caught, they gave him help. Well f*ck, you’re still a cheater to me.” Hunt continued, “A loss is just a loss. You get up again, dust yourself off, go at it again regardless of the circumstances. That’s the way I look at it. I mean, shucks. And I already know, like I just said, that guy is always going to be a cheater”

Hunt views the majority of the UFC and his opponents as cheaters and PED users. He also now views the UFC as enablers and helping certain fighters get away with cheating. In his last 5, Hunt lost to Stipe Miocic, beat Antonio Silva and Frank Mir (both former TRT users with medical exemptions), lost to Brock Lesnar which was then overturned due to a USADA violation by Brock Lesnar, and a loss to Alistair Overeem. All of these, with the exception of Stipe Miocic, have either used PEDs or have a past usage of PEDs.

This is why Hunt is probably happy to see his next opponent, Derrick Lewis, has no previous history of PED usage. This fight will take place at UFC Fight Night 110. Hunt had this to say, “He called me out, and I don’t mind fighting Derrick Lewis. If he’s not cheating, then he’s fine.” Lewis is a rising star in the heavyweight division and should prove an interesting contest for Mark Hunt with the two big hitters colliding in Auckland New Zealand June 11th.

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