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World MMA Awards Nominees Just Got Announced, Here’s A Full List Of Awards And Nominees

Who’s going to be Fighter Of The Year, Female Fighter Of The Year, Referee Of The Year and what was Fight Of The Year? Many people and organisations have been nominated for numerous different awards, but who will win? Their fate is in the hands of the fans.

The World MMA Awards just announced their list of nominees for their yearly award ceremony concerning a whole series of different topics that encapsulate the world of MMA. The awards are a yearly event hosted by Fighters Only magazine, this will be the 9th year of the World MAA Awards and this year is going to be bigger than ever, with members of the professional MMA community from across the globe to celebrate the icons and the iconic moments that made this year so great. Without further adue, let’s have a look at this list of awards and nominees (starting with the lesser awards and moving to the most important:


MMA Clothing & Equipment Brand of the Year

An award for the best MMA apparel brand.







MMA Journalist of the Year

Awarded to the leading journalist in the world of MMA, Fighters Only writers are excluded from being nominated.

Best MMA Programming

This award is for the best MMA TV show, podcast or radio show.



Analyst of the Year

This award is for the best TV analyst in the world of MMA.

Personality of the Year

This award is for the persona that lends itself to the world of MMA.

Best Promotion

This is for the best MMA promotion in the game today.

Leading Man

This is for anyone in the MMA world who works in the corporate side of things. whether it’s a CEO, an executive or even a politician. The playmakers in the MMA scene who keep the game moving.

Ringcard Girl of the Year

This award is for the fans’ favourite ringcard girl of the year.



Referee of the Year

This award is for the top ref of the year.

Gym of the Year

This is for the top MMA gym/team of the year.

Trainer of the Year

The award for the top trainer within the world of MMA.

Shawn Tompkins Coach of the Year

MMA coach of the year.

Now we get into the main awards, the real meat and potatoes.

Upset of the Year

Award for the fighter who overcame the odds and beat heavily favoured opponent.

Comeback of the Year

A fighter’s losing, somehow they turn it around and snatch a victory from the jaws of defeat. This is the award that celebrates those fighters.


Submission of the Year

The award for the best and most stylish submission of the year.

Knockout of the Year

The best KO of 2016.

Fight of the Year

Awarded to the two fighters who put on the biggest barn burner of the year.

International Fighter of the Year

The best MMA fighter to fight out of outside the Americas this year.

Breakthrough Fighter of the Year

The new faces face off for the best newcomer to make an impression on the MMA scene this year.

Female Fighter of the Year

The best women to make an impact in MMA in 2016.

Charles ‘Mask’ Lewis Male Fighter of the Year

The best male fighters in the world all seek to claim this coveted prize.

So that’s the list. These are the best of the best being recognised for their contribution to the great sport of Mixed Martial Arts. Who will win? Well that’s for you, the MMA fans of the world to decide. You can vote here at Cast your votes now, the award ceremony will be held on the 2nd of March 2017. Post who you want to win each award in the comments, let’s get a discussion going!

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