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Woodley thinks GSP isn’t interested in a fight with him.

“To be flat out honest, I don’t think he wants to fight me,”

Current UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley featured on an Episode of MMAHour this week. On it Woodley was drawn into a conversation on Georges St.Pierre. GSP, is the former champion of the division Woodley now sits on top of. Woodley was asked about a future fight with GSP, if he retained his title on Saturday at UFC 214. Woodley though told Ariel Helwani this “I don’t even want to talk about GSP because GSP is playing everybody.” Although, UFC president Dana White has said GSP is open to the fight should Woodley win.

“I don’t know if he really wants to fight.”

But Woodley has a different view to Dana White stating: “I don’t know if he really wants to fight. I don’t know if he really wants to fight me or if he wants to fight Bisping.” Woodley added “To be flat out honest, I don’t think he wants to fight me.”

GSP Vs. Koscheck

Woodley then went on to say that he thinks GSP wants to fight some one like Stephen Thompson. The reason behind that is Thompson is some one GSP has trained with and won’t give him concussion. Woodley then continued and was quoted to say:

Think about why he left the sport. He said he had some personal issues. He also spoke about the rampant usage of PED’s in the sport, and also, concussions.”

“What guy that’s on the list is going to give him a concussion besides me? Not Demian Maia, most likely not Michael Bisping. Bisping is known for enduring damage, being resilient and always pushing forward. Most likely not ‘Wonderboy’, because Georges came from a sport karate background. He’s trained with Stephen Thompson. I think if ‘Wonderboy’ had beat me, he would have fought him. If Demian Maia comes out on top this weekend, I think he’ll fight him.

“I just don’t think that he wants to come in after three years and face a guy like me who is completely determined not to lose his belt.”

Will GSP get the fight against Woodley? Will he face Bisping instead?

Let us know in the comments below.


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