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Will MMA ever get the unified rules they so desperately need?

The non-unified rules have been the heart of controversy of late.

The non-unified rules have been the centre of some serious controversy of late. Some of the regulators of these rules completely agree with moving the rules forward, some are against the rules moving forward whilst the rest just want a more palatable approach that would suit everyone. Mike Mazzulli told MMA Fighting ” I won’t turn away anyone who has ideas to bring to the body during its annual conference at the end of July at Connecticut’s Mohegan Sun. He just wants any regulator to first go through the MMA rules and regulations committee, chaired by Sean Wheelock. I’m just asking everyone to go through the proper channels,” Mazzulli said. “We have a process and that’s the way things are supposed to be done.” This committee has recommended the changes that ended up being passed last summer.

During UFC 210 Chris Weidman and Gegard Mousasi were taking part in a fantastic three round bout when Gegard landed a knee which at first looked to be legal, but after the replays was shown (which isn’t allowed in new York) Chris’s hands seemed to be on the floor which means knee strikes and kicking isn’t allowed to a downed opponent. Because of the non-unified rules in New York Gegard was awarded a TKO win with Chris going to appeal the the result. The most recent of the incidents happened at UFC 211 when Eddie Alvarez landed a knee on his downed opponent which he claimed he didn’t see. But Dustin Poirier didn’t react and the contest was made a no contest, with the two fighters hoping for a rematch in the coming months.

Do you think the rules should be unified in order to avoid this controversy happening in the future? Let us know down below.

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