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Will Bisping vs GSP be the next TUF series?

‘Hey, UFC, will you just book the Bisping vs GSP fight already!’ Said every MMA fan. Why are they waiting so long? Well, we have one tantalising theory you might be on board with: The Ultimate Fighter Team Bisping vs Team GSP

It would be fair to say that since the UFC made the announcement that Michael Bisping’s next Middleweight title defence would come against the returning former Welterweight King, GSP, there have been some mixed opinions on the matter. Some have accepted the fight for what it is, a Blockbuster event between two of the biggest names in the history of the sport. Others have complained that GSP has no business coming back to compete for a title in a division in which he never competed. Especially while there are a string of genuine contenders knocking on the Middleweight Championship door.



Whatever side of the fence you fall on, the big question at this point is surely when this fight will actually take place. There are a number of factors here, such as GSP having to be registered as active with USADA and undergo a series of tests before making his return. That’s the big one. For the UFC there’s also the question of how to make the most of this fight from a PPV standpoint. We have a simple yet effective idea, get both me back on TUF!


So, why do TUF Bisping vs GSP? It adds great star power to the show itself and should make for one of the most popular seasons ever. It’s also good for the PPV bottom line come fight time. It gives the UFC a platform to promote the fight over a few months without losing momentum, and I’m sure Bisping wouldn’t miss the chance to draw in the audience by, shall we say, having a go at Canada’s finest. There’s also the benefit of re-introducing GSP to the MMA fanbase. Not necessary for most, it could be argued. Still, we can’t underestimate the droves of fans that have come to MMA in the last few years, especially the huge demographic brought in by Conor McGregor. This would be the chance for everyone to get to know the surely undisputed greatest Welterweight of all time, and guaranteed future hall of famer.



Both men have a storied history with the show, having taken part numerous times each. In the case of Bisping, he was actually introduced to the fans through the show, and went on to win season 3. GSP has had less luck with TUF after losing to season 4 winner, Matt Serra in what was one of the biggest upsets in the history of the sport. Georges coached on the show along with a few other top fighters at the time, and when Serra won his prize was a shot at what seemed to be a dominant champ. The rest is history. 


What do you think? Should the next season of TUF serve as a build up for this Middleweight Super-fight? Letus know in the comments.


I've been an MMA fan for around 15 years. My love of combat sports started with boxing from a very young age. I feel in love with MMA as soon as I saw it, but my obsession was truly formed going to my first UFC in Manchester back in 2009.Always happy to talk MMA, so please check out my articles and give me a shout to share some thoughts.

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