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WATCH: All Leg Kick Finishes In UFC History

That’s right. Every single leg kick finish in UFC history compiled into one video.

In the UFC, we see all kinds of crazy finishes. Whether it’s Mirko CroCop head kicks, big over hands from the likes of former heavyweight Roy “Big Country” Nelson, the brutal leg breaking of Anderson Silva by Chris Weidman or…having your legs kicked out from under you by the incredibly terrifying Edson Barboza.

Leg kick finishes are pretty uncommon in the UFC, in fact they’re pretty rare. But there are a few who’ve managed to win using them in the past, one or two have even won twice by leg kicks. Any time it happens, it’s down right terrifying. The sound of shin on thigh or shin on knee sounds like a baseball bat. It’s insanity. It makes you tense your legs and wince a little just watching it. But…it’s also kind of incredible. Here’s a compilation of all finishes by leg kicks in UFC history. Once again, all rights to the footage belong to the UFC and the video itself belongs to the uploader.


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