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War of the Words – Showtime vs UFC isn’t dying down anytime soon!

McGregor & White go off on Showtime’s Stephen Espinoza.

UFC President Dana White, Conor McGregor and Showtime’s Stephen Espinoza seem to be at each other’s throats once again over them PPV numbers!

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This fresh phase of bickering between the two companies stems from comments made by Dana White in a recent interview with Kevin Iole – During the interview Dana was asked about his upcoming venture into the world of boxing promoting – Dana stated that he is meeting with some big players in the sports, but Showtime is certainly not going to be one of them, Dana went as far to say he will never ever work with Showtime again following the Mayweather vs McGregor super fight.

White suggests some foul play on Showtime’s part in releasing the PPV figures for the event – “The way they handled that press release, and what they did. I didn’t trust them before, and now I despise those f*****g guys.” White went on to further say that he’ll never work with Showtime again.

In response to White’s comments, Espinoza has taken to Twitter to express his feelings. “Sounds like he’s upset because we committed the cardinal sin of telling the truth” Espinoza states, going on to further say “Strange that telling the truth is something to be despised for.”

McGregor then also took to Twitter to jump to Dana’s defence replying directly to Espinoza saying “Who gives a f**k about the North American numbers when we are the Global Kings.”

McGregor and Espinoza already don’t see eye to eye, during the worldwide press tour in the lead up to Mayweather vs McGregor fight, McGregor frequently referred to Espinoza as a “weasel” accusing Espinoza of turning off McGregor’s microphone during the first press conference. This latest round of back and forth is not going to help their relationship.

In a final response to McGregor, Espinoza replied in another tweet with “LOL… except that it wasn’t #1 in worldwide revenues either.”

What do you think of these latest outbursts from White and McGregor? Sound off in the comments below and be sure to check out all the latest MMA news from MMA thread.

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