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Tito Ortiz demands apology from Chael Sonnen

“I’m a kid who has a lot of respect. I believe in respect.”

“I’m a kid who has a lot of respect. I believe in respect."

Ortiz made quick work of Chael Sonnen when he submitted him within the first round at Bellator 170. Ortiz did hold on to the submission despite Sonnen tapping because he held “ill will” towards Sonnen, and wanted to prolong the suffering as much as he could. Yet despite this win, Ortiz still holds a grudge, and will not let the beef die until Sonnen publicly apologises to him.

“I didn’t say anything after the fight. He came to my dressing room and said, ‘Good fight, it was an honor, da da da’ and I go, ‘You’ve got to apologize to me in public.’ So we’re gonna see if he has enough balls to apologize to me in public.”

Ortiz was clearly furious at Sonnen’s comments on Ortiz’s ex-girlfriend and current financial situation, a low blow in anybody’s book.

“I’m a kid who has a lot of respect. I believe in respect. Talking about another person’s family is something wrong to do and for what he did, that’s just the wrong thing to do. That’s always my three rules of s**t-talking: You don’t talk about a person’s family, you don’t talk about a person’s country, and you don’t lie about a person. He did all three of those things, and the big man upstairs took care of it.”

Check out the interview below, courtesy of Fight Hub TV

What do you think, do you think Sonnen will apologise. Let us know!


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