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Teddy Atlas “Conor would be like a ‘caveman’ against Mayweather

This comes days after the super fight was announced.

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During a recent conference call on Wednesday to promote the super fight between Mayweather and McGregor many have been quick to count McGregor out against the undefeated boxing great one being boxing trainer and ESPN analyst Teddy Atlas. He commented on McGregor’s striking calibre and his chances in the super fight, saying on ESPN “A great striker in MMA, which McGregor is he’s the UFC lightweight champion doesn’t necessarily translate into boxing. It doesn’t figure to be competitive, You’ve got a guy that they’re gonna say he’s got a puncher’s chance, but he’s in there with a defensive genius. And they’re taking advantage of your imaginations.”

Mayweather and McGregor are set to slug it out on August the 26th at the T-Mobile Arena Las Vegas. The fight is highly expected to break PPV records, (previously set by Mayweather when he fought Manny Pacquiao).

Atlas fully in his mind believes McGregor has no chance against Mayweather and even went on to call it a ‘Mismatch’ commenting further saying “McGregor doesn’t have a single pro boxing match, while Mayweather is 49-0 and regarded as one of the best ever. Sure, the promoters will sell that he’s 40 years old, but does that makeup for the gigantic disparity in experience and skill? At the end of the day, myself, most boxing people that have been around the business think it’s a caveman in there with a defensive genius.”

Various boxing promoters have commented on the super fight one including boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya, when speaking about the bout he said “To the purists, it is, they look at it like you’re tainting the sport. Some people would go as far to say you’re making a mockery of it. But people will definitely say that you’re just exploiting the sport to make this, to make dollars”

Do you guys think McGregor has a chance against Floyd? Let us know down below.


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