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Rumor: Khabib has a serious medical condition which may force retirement

The last couple of weeks must have been extremely difficult for Russian superstar, Khabib Nurmagomedov. Following his difficulties with his weight cut that led to the cancellation of his bout with Tony Ferguson for the interim Lightweight belt as well as the chance for a bout against current Lightweight champion, Conor McGregor.

“The Eagle” has now had five complications which has led him to pull out of fights. With a reputation now for being inconsistent with his health, many are wondering where the latest setback puts the Russian. Many have wondered as to why the fighter struggled with a weight cut he has had very little issues with previously. Only once has he missed weight and that was back in 2013. According to reports however – we may have a clearer idea as to what went wrong with Khabib just hours prior to UFC 209. With his coach recently confirming that an early retirement is a possibility following the health issues that arose from that weekend. A recent rumor has shed some light on the matter in terms of what went wrong and what is possibly wrong with Khabib, the rumors suggest that he is suffering from Budd Chiari syndrome.

The rumor is likely to be true following a recent statement from  his teammate, Luke Rockhold. According to Rockhold, Khabib was not getting any blood to his liver which is in fact a symptom of this disorder. Budd Chiari syndrome is an incredibly rare syndrome – it occurs in one in every one million adults. The syndrome is characterized by the narrowing or complete obstruction of the veins within the liver  (This explains why Khabib wasn’t getting blood into his liver.) Following further research into the disorder, symptoms of this rare syndrome include severe abdominal pain, accumulation of fluid between two membrane linings in the stomach as well as other findings such as nausea, vomiting and an abnormally large spleen and liver. In the most severe cases can lead to renal failure and at the very worst the need for a liver transplant.

Whilst nothing has been made official from Khabib’s team – many fans and professionals are concerned about the Russian. Should he be forced to retire then it would be robbing both Khabib and the fans of a hugely successful career.

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