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Rockhold and Romero go to war on Twitter

Rockhold fires back at Romero.

It’s been two days since it was announced Luke Rockhold will return to the octagon. Since then the former middleweight champ has started a feud with Yoel Romero on Twitter. Romero‘s last outing was a loss to now interim champion Robert Whittaker at UFC 213. It seems to have been Romero who kicked things off by stating Rockhold didn’t want to fight him. In typical fashion, Rockhold responded, thus creating the spat. It seems that Romero refused to fight 5 rounds, but so did Rockhold when he was the champion. You can read it all below.

Rockhold Vs. Romero.

Both men are highly ranked within the middleweight division. Romero is ranked in 2nd with Rockhold one place below him in 3rd. After Rockhold faces David Branch at UFC: Pittsburgh, this seems like it’s the next logical fight to make. Rockhold and Romero are both eager to get the chance to meet current middleweight champion, Michael Bisping. But they will both have to wait as Whitaker is the next man up to face “The Count“.

Do you think Rockhold vs Romero should happen? Should it be for a number one contender spot?

Let us know in the comment section below.


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