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Ricky Hatton disappointed in Mayweather vs McGregor

Ex world champion boxer believes the build up was more entertaining

Former WBU, IBF, The Ring, WBA and IBO boxing champion Ricky Hatton feels let down by the Mayweather vs McGregor matchup.

Ricky wasn’t a fan of the matchup even before the event began, having previously stated he couldn’t get excited about the fight and that it would be a one-way beating by Mayweather.

Hatton has been stated as saying “I was disappointed as far as the fight goes, I don’t think it was a great fight. I thought Conor did well early on. I think the build up was bigger than the actual fight itself.” Hatton feels Conor’s greatness was due to Floyd taking things slow – “I give Conor respect, I think it was clear to see that it was this sport and it’s totally different, you need years of experience behind you and he just went straight in. I don’t think Mayweather came out of second gear. I think that was more down to Floyd than Conor.”

Hatton believes Conor should stick to the UFC stating that although he found success early, it’s clear “he would have been better off staying in his own sport.”

Hatton also believes that in order for Floyd to have been recognition on beating Rocky Marciano’s undefeated record of 49-0, he should face another more worthy opponent. “If he just had one more fight against a decent opponent I think then none of the doubters can have anything to say about him. I would not like to see him fight again but for his own legacy he might have to if he wants people to accept he’s beaten Marciano’s record.”

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