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Regional Roundup – A night of rising talents

The talent pool in the North Wales is rising!

Takedown FC 2 highlights

Posted by James Lehart Productions on Sunday, 4 June 2017

The regional MMA scene in the North West has slowly begun to flourish as of late, with a multitude of top-level gyms opening up such as HAMMA, SBG-Mainline, Paradox, Impact MMA and HFFS the talent in the area has risen. With promotions such as Tanko, Aeron, Shinobi and ICE FC all putting on shows in the region, the MMA stars of the future finally have somewhere to showcase their skills.

This past Saturday, Llandudno Junction played host to Takedown FC 2, the event hosted by Paradox Health & Fitness featured a mix of boxing, grappling and MMA bouts. Speaking of the event Paradox head coach, Cage Warriors, KSW & EFC veteran Azi ‘One Bomb’ Thomas stated: “I am looking to make Takedown FC the number one show in North Wales, by putting on the fights the fans want to see”.

The event was headlined by Kevin Berger as he took on Huw Jones. There was no love lost between these two at the weigh-ins when they both got into a verbal spat. Also featured on the card was a charity bout between David Bellis and Bret Durkan, this was considered a grudge match and both fighters made it clear in the lead up to the fight they disliked each other, Bellis’ insisted he would knockout Durkan within the first round declaring that Durkan was “too small”, in turn, Durkan believed he would finish Bellis within two. Both men were raising money for Alder Hey Children’s Hospital.

Knockouts and Submissions!

The show opened up with a boxing bout in which Chris Jones battled it out against Mathew Thornton – Chris came out aggressive straight away tagging Thornton with several hard shots, Thornton managed to reply with some shots of his own but it was Jones who pushed the pace throughout the first round. In the second round, Jones came out aggressive once again, hurting Thornton with several hard shots, forcing the referee to call a standing 8 count, Jones followed up again with a crisp jab, right hook combination forcing Thornton to the canvas for another count. Jones then continued to punish Thornton until the referee decided he’d seen enough, calling a halt to the action towards the end of the second round – much to the disappointment of Thornton.

Several more boxing bouts kept the action flowing before the first MMA bout of the evening got underway. Danny Yates took on local boy Tom Clarke. Clarke came out aggressive, throwing leg kicks before sounding off with some very heavy shots forcing Yates to come in for a sloppy clinch which allowed Clarke to pull guard. Here Clarke transitioned into a pitch perfect triangle choke which forced his opponent to tap.

Next up was Paradox fighter David Jenkins as he fought Ryan ToolJenkins got the takedown early in the first and showed off his dominant ground game, pulling off a triangle choke midway through the first round.

In the co-main event of the evening Paradox’s David Bellis took on Bret Durkan. Durkan came out throwing leg kicks and began working on his striking forcing Bellis up against the cage. After a few more exchanges between the two Durkan attempted to clinch up with Bellis but allowed his neck to hang low, prompting Bellis to sink in a guillotine choke which looked very deep indeed. Fortunately for Durkan, he was able to escape the choke and take Bellis down, here Durkan clearly dominated, he transitioned into mount several times and constantly threatened Bellis with the Kimura.

The second and third rounds played out pretty much the same with both starting the rounds exchanging strikes before Bellis attempted to sink in a guillotine choke – each time his opponent managed to slip out of the choke and then gain mount. Although Bellis almost finished the fight several times with the guillotine, it was Durkan’s dominance on the ground which played a key role and he was eventually awarded the decision.

The main event of the evening was a brutal bloody and controversial affair as Kev Berger took on Huw Jones – both fighters came out swinging wildly, however it was Berger who got the better of the first set of exchanges landing some clean shots pushing Jones up against the cage wall. Here was where the controversy came in, Berger landed an illegal 12-6 elbow to the back of the head which went unnoticed by the referee, however, Jones seemed unaffected by this and after a scramble, he managed to sink in a very tight guillotine choke, his opponent was unwilling to tap however and after almost a minute of being choked he escaped and immediately began throwing heavy shots which stumbled Jones. Berger then threw another illegal 12-6 elbow which seemed to have opened a big gash to the back of Jones’ head.

After several more exchanges, Berger pushed Jones up against the cage landing several more hard shots, however, Jones managed to get an out outside trip forcing Berger to the ground. Here Jones began unleashing some ground and pound, but not before he landed several illegal 12-6 elbows of his own. After a brief bit of stalling on the ground by both fighters the referee decided to stand them up, here it was clear that Jones had completely emptied the gas tank and was beyond exhausted, eating several hard shots whilst being pushed up against the cage wall. After managing to escape being pressed against the cage, Jones threw wild punches which Berger easily avoided before the bell went to signal the end of the round

The cage side doctors went straight to work on Jones, who by this point looked completely out of it, with a massive cut to the back of his head and being completely exhausted the medics decided to call a halt to the contest – declaring Berger the winner by TKO at the end of the first round.

Full Results:

Boxing Bout
Chris Jones def. Matthew Thornton – R2 1:40  – TKO

Boxing Bout
Andy Gorse def. Jason Moors – R2 1:39  – TKO

Boxing Bout
Chad Marsdon def. Jamie Gelder – Decision

Boxing Bout
Becky Ridding def. Rebecca Yates – R2 1:45 – TKO (Corner Stoppage)

MMA Bout
Tom Clarke def. Danny Yates – R1 0:42 – Submission (Triangle Choke)

MMA Bout
David Jenkins def. Ryan Tool – R1 1:15 – Submission (Triangle Choke)

Boxing Bout
Karl Evans def. Issac Gibbs – R1 0:20 – KO

20 Minute Grappling Bout
John Kingston def. Darren Raybould – 1:01 – Submission (Guillotine Choke)

Co-Main Event – MMA Bout
Bret Durkan def. David Bellis – Decision

Main Event – MMA Bout
Kev Berger def. Huw Jones – R1 5:00 – TKO (Doctors Stoppage)

Overall the event was a great night and all the fighters put on worthy performances. Takedown FC already has big plans for its next event which is scheduled for September. Be sure to check back with for all the latest MMA news.

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