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One Of The Quickest Knockouts Ever: Bakhtiyar Barotov KOd In 3 Seconds After Fake Glove Touch

Some are saying this wasn’t a cheap shot at all, was it or wasn’t it? You decide.

A cheap shot for the ages? Bakhtiyar Barotov from the central Asian country of Tajikistan was up against Russian fighter, Ibragim Khalilov when he offered the international sign of respect between fighters – the glove touch. Most fighters do a quick touch and get back to business, some don’t. Ibragim Khalilov rejected the offer in the most brutal way possible, by knocking his opponent out cold.

The fight was for WBK, a prominent MMA organisation in the Asian region based in China. WBK 22 started like any other event, a lot of good fights from rising prospects but then things changed. Maybe there was some bad blood between the fighters, maybe Khalilov really wanted the win…maybe Barotov should have kept his hands up. But man, what a hell of a punch. There was no chance Barotov was escaping that, no one would. It was a punch straight from hell. Have a look at the video below.

Credit to Twitter user @Grabaka_Hitman for providing the footage, all footage belongs to WBK.

Some are claiming it looks like Barotov is blocking by extending both his hands out as he eats an overhand right. But it looks a lot like an ill-advised double hand glove touch. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

Keep an eye on WBK, some good things are coming out of there.

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