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New Controversy Arises over Dominick Cruz Cut at UFC 207

Was the cut really caused by a headbutt?

Dominick Cruz sustained a nasty cut against Cody Garbrandt in their championship fight back on December 30th and no one really knew how it happened. The initial perception of the UFC team in the production truck was that it was when the two collided heads during a flurry of punches leading to a takedown. Even Joe Rogan believed it was the headbutt. However, he later cleared up this matter on his podcast (The Joe Rogan Experience) saying that that’s what the team in the truck told him and he was more focused on the fight in front of him than the replay on the monitor. Recently, a new GIF has emerged slowing down a head kick previously overlooked that landed before the head collision showing exactly where the kick landed and how bad the head collision actually was.

As can be seen from the GIF, the kick lands directly on the spot where the cut emerged and the headbutt after hit nowhere near the cut site.

After seeing this, it has become apparent that the cut was most likely caused by the head kick. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below.

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