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MMA fighter fails miserably with a head kick… Then gets knocked out with one.

(Almost) instant karma…


Capoeira kicks are cool, no doubt about that. If you attempt one and pull it off, you come off looking like a champion. However, when they go wrong… You’ll never live it down.

Clovis Hancock learned this the hard way at LFA7. As you’ll see, this is the perfect example of why you have to have balls of steel to attempt this in a professional MMA fight…

It’s almost as if Hancock’s opponent, Nikolay Veretennikov, felt sorry for him at this point. Look how dizzy Hancock was. He could have pounced on him and secured the finish right there. Instead, he waited until the third round and decided to show Hancock how you’re supposed to throw a head kick.

What a knockout, what a terrible night for Clovis Hancock. You try to throw a capoeira kick but end up looking like you’ve just stepped out of the club after ten tequilas, then you get knocked out for your troubles.

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