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Miesha Tate on Cris Cyborg Angela Magana incident: “I wish Cris Cyborg hit ‘bully’ Angela Magana even harder

The former women’s bantamweight champ had some stern words for Cyborg.

Miesha Tate has told everyone where she stands with the Cyborg/Magana incident. Speaking to reporters on Saturday after a very successful UFC 212 card, she showed that she fully agreed with Cris Cyborg’s actions at the UFC fighters retreat. Most feel she was publicly taking the side of Cyborg because it wasn’t too long ago when she herself was under public criticism from Magana. Tate said about the incident speaking to“That was a great day for me, I thought it was wonderful, I wish she would have punched Angela harder. Angela is a bully, you know? She’s like a child who never grew up.”


UFC president Dana White recently commented on the whole situation saying “I consider the incident a simple, black-and-white matter of assault.” Much to Tate’s frustration, she further commented on her former boss’s words by explaining “It’s not right and I think that there should be harsher consequences for people who publicly bully people on the internet in person, everything. So, I think she had it coming, and I don’t blame Cyborg a bit.”

It comes as no surprise as Magana is considering legal action in Las Vegas against Cris Cyborg . Meanwhile Tate is hoping that Cris will be cleared of all charges on ‘Bully’ Magana if it even gets to that point. Magana posted on twitter shortly after filing these charges saying “criminal is getting arrested soon,”  But Tate fired back at her posts and that she filed for these charges by saying, “I hope that the legal system looks at everything, because [Magana] really had it coming, So I’m Team Cyborg all the way with that.

What do you guys think about this incident as a whole? Was Cyborg right to do what she did? Let us know down below.

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