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McGregors team won’t let showtime use sparring footage – Espinoza

Showtime Sports VP says McGregor won’t grant Showtime permission to use footage

Early this week UFC President Dana White released the now-infamous footage of Lightweight Champion Conor McGregor sparring against former world boxing champion Paulie Malignaggi.

Dana said he released the footage because Showtime refused to use it during their “All Access” series of shows in the lead up to McGregor vs Mayweather. According to White, Showtime has plenty of footage from the two sparring sessions, but they are not willing to use it as they don’t want Malignaggi to look bad.

“We gave them a ton of footage and they denied it because they didn’t want to make Paulie look bad, they didn’t show any of it. They had a ton of the sparring footage and they wanted to use zero.” said White.

However, Stephen Espinoza, Showtime’s Sports and Events Programming VP has stated that this is not the case – According to Espinoza, Showtime did not as Dana suggested, receive a ton of footage from the spar, instead, Espinoza states that they received around a minute worth of edited footage.

“It was a series of sort of spliced-together McGregor highlights, eight or nine seconds each. We didn’t want to use the whole thing.” Said Espinoza, “It was sort of repetitive, we were told if we didn’t use the whole segment as they edited it then we couldn’t use it at all. So in the end, Conor’s camp withheld permission for us to use it.”

Espinoza goes on to further state that their decision to not use the footage was purely because of its repetitiveness and not out of loyalty to Paulie – “We definitely wanted to use it” said Espinoza, however they wanted to pick and choose their segments and not use the whole footage, in the end, McGregor’s camp denied permission for the footage to be used.

What do you think of these latest developments? Who’s side of the story do you believe? sound off in the comments below.


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