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McGregor’s protege: Who is Dillon Danis?

Remember the name:

The name Dillon Danis is likely unknown to most fans – the New Jersey native has only recenty begun to gain some following. Danis is known to people as Conor McGregor’s Brazilian Jiu Jistu coach and sparring partner – bought into the fold for Conor’s mammoth rematch against Nate Diaz back at UFC 202. However, despite being picked out by the biggest name in the business, Danis is still an unknown entity.

McGregor and Danis in camp for UFC 202

McGregor and Danis

Dillon Danis, born August 22nd 1993 is from New Jersey. Danis began training in Brazilian Jiu Jistu at the age of 15. He chose to delve into BJJ as a result of a street fight in which he applied a chokehold. Considering he had no knowledge of grappling. Danis was drawn to it – he considered it the correct way to approach a fight. Danis went on to join Jaime Cruz – considered the best coach in his state.

Dillon wins double gold at an open

Danis began to excel in his newly adopted martial art – despite even admitting to being not that strong as a teenager. He even admitted he couldn’t do one push up. This was an issue when considering majority of his classmates were all adults. Dillon made the decision to add wrestling to his arsenal in order to help him overcome this issue – he wrestled at Parsippany Hills under Jason Lodato.

Danis eventually began to work his way through the belt system at Cruz’s academy, as well as, making regular trips to Marcelo Garcia‘s academy in New York. Though he eventually made a move to live in New York in order to become a complete Jiu Jistu athlete. Danis went full time under Marcelo Garcia, widely considered to be one of the very best ever in regards to Brazilian Jiu Jistu. Danis found his hard work culminated with wins in some of the most coveted BJJ tournaments in 2014. Following his tournament success, Danis gained his black belt in 2015.

Danis, Ronaldo and McGregor

Rising star:

Following his triumphs – Danis recuited by SBG and Conor McGregor to help the Irishman train for his rematch against Nate Diaz. Danis, recognised for his skills in Brazilian Jiu Jistu, was now McGregor’s leading BJJ and grappling partner. Working with McGregor has seen Danis enter the mainstream media. Often seen in his posts, Danis has become a lot more popular as a result. With his rise in popularity, Dillon has made it known he is looking to move across into MMA and more importantly, the UFC. Preperations for his debut have begun, with Danis training at SBG, the same camp as Conor McGregor. Alongside this he is also looking to soon make his debut at Submission Underground against AJ Agazarm. With his debut approaching – he began making bold moves. One of which was calling out UFC Light heavyweight, Jon Jones.

Danis is a fan fave to face Jones

With his SUG debut on the horizon as well as a potential MMA fight also approaching, Danis seems to have a big future ahead of him should he make good on what seems like massive potential. There is no doubt that Danis will be under immense pressure, especially being linked with Conor McGregor, only time will tell whether he will live up to the hype.

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