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McGregor vs Mayweather PPV reportedly smashes PPV records

PPV reportedly does 6.5 million buys

Although official figures are yet to be announced, some preliminary numbers are coming in for the Mayweather vs McGregor PPV bout which aired last Saturday night.

According to UFC President Dana White, Mayweather vs McGregor reportedly did 6.5 million PPV buys, which if correct would be the biggest PPV event of all time, surpassing that of Mayweather vs Pacquiao which did 4.6 million PPV buys. The claim came from an Instagram post, where Dana was discussing the numbers with Dana White’s Tuesday Night Fights commentators Urijah Faber and Snoop Dogg.

At present, it is not entirely clear if these PPV numbers are coming from just the US, or if this is worldwide numbers – It is also not clear if these numbers factor in the numerous refunds issued in the past several days by cable companies and online streaming services. Demand for the PPV was extremely high and this caused widespread issues on websites such as UFC.TV, Showtime’s cable service was also interrupted in several areas due to the overwhelming demand for the PPV.

A class action lawsuit has recently been issued against Showtime Sports, Zack Bartel who issues the suit is suing Showtime for unlawful trading practices and unjust enrichment. He alleges that the network rushed the PPV streaming service without first securing appropriate bandwidth, causing widespread issues.

Dana White and the UFC released a statement this past Tuesday in which he apologised to fans trying to stream the event via UFC.TV, Dana stated that “we want our fans to have the best experience when watching our events Unfortunately we didn’t deliver the way we wanted on Saturday.” He claimed refunds were already being processed and the UFC will “take care of our fans and will fix this.”

In Mexico, the event aired live and free on TV-Aztec and Televisa – It is estimated that the event was watched by 24 million viewers, it is also believed that the event was streamed illegally by over 2.9 million people.

Floyd Mayweather, arguably boxings biggest star took on the king of the UFC, two division champion Conor McGregor in a super fight this past weekend. Despite being his first professional boxing bout, McGregor started the fight fast and hard, winning the first three rounds comfortably before Mayweather’s skill and experience began to take over.

Although McGregor managed to hold his own for the next several rounds, he eventually succumbed to fatigue and was stopped in the 10th round after taking a barrage of unanswered punches which caused him to stumble across the ring – The referee decided he’d seen enough and called a halt to the action, this gave Mayweather his 50th consecutive win and he now holds the record of 50-0, surpassing that of legendary Heavyweight Rocky Marciano. 

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