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Mark Hunt files $2.5 Million lawsuit against UFC, Dana White and Brock Lesnar

“I want the UFC to understand it’s not OK to keep doing what they’re doing.”

UFC heavyweight Mark Hunt today announced that he has filed a 2.5 Million dollar civil lawsuit in the Nevada District Court, naming the UFC, Dana White and Brock Lesnar as defendants.

The lawsuit alleges “UFC and its agents have affirmatively circumvented and obstructed fair competition for their own benefit, including being complicit in doping proliferation under the guise of advancing ‘the best anti-doping program in all of professional sports.’ Defendants have accomplished this by means including but not limited to various and rampant purported use exemptions, drug testing exemptions and by failure to enforce its own policies.”

Hunt’s recent dissatisfaction with the UFC and the subsequent lawsuit is a result of his UFC 200 bout against WWE superstar, Brock Lesnar. During the lead up that bout, the UFC granted Lesnar an exemption from the mandatory four-month drug testing period retired fighters must go through before they can return to competition.

Lesnar was instead tested for just a few weeks prior to the fight and went on to win via unanimous decision, but the result was eventually overturned when the results of a pre-fight drug test surfaced, revealing he had tested positive for the banned substances Clomiphene and 4-Hydroxyclomiphene.

In a recent interview with Mark Hunt said:

“I want the UFC to understand it’s not OK to keep doing what they’re doing. They’re allowing guys to do this. They had a chance to take all the money from this guy, because he’s a cheater, and they didn’t.”

“What message is that sending to the boys and girls who want to be a fighter someday? The message is, ‘You just have to cheat like this and it’s OK.’ In society, if you commit a crime, you pay. Why is it different in MMA? It’s hurt the business, so it’s even worse. They need to be held accountable for this.”

Mark Hunt is currently slated to face Alistair Overeem at UFC 209 on March 4th, but now that the ‘Super Samoan’ is suing his employer, many are speculating as to whether the bout will still go forward.

The UFC have not yet publicly responded to the situation.

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