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Could Luke Rockhold move up to heavyweight?

The former middleweight champion fancies himself to be successful in the light heavyweight and heavyweight divisions

Former UFC middleweight champion, Luke Rockhold, says he is serious about moving up and competing at both light heavyweight and heavyweight.  This past week, Rockhold confirmed on the MMA Hour that the currently weighs 208lbs which is the perfect weight for him to cut back down to 185lb if the call was received.   The middleweight division is one of the UFC’s most exciting as it is full of former champions, undefeated challengers and fighters on impressive win streaks.  Rockhold, however, isn’t willing to take a fight in his division unless there is a clear path to a title shot.

Rockhold may be willing to press pause on his middleweight career but he is still ready to fight and is serious about pursuing success at light heavyweight and even heavyweight.  A move to heavyweight would be interesting, to say the least as Rockhold has had an ongoing feud with former UFC heavyweight champion, Fabricio Werdum.

“I’m here to fight, one way or the other, but the [middleweight] division itself is annoying, and I’m not holding to that either. I’m hoping to move up a division. I’ve voiced that so if this division’s going to go the way it’s going, might as well move up and do a different division.”

Even with his AKA teammate Daniel Cormier currently sat at the top of the light heavyweight division, Rockhold would still move up and compete at 205lbs.  “DC’s not going to fight forever, so I don’t know,” Rockhold said. “There’s plenty of other guys that can dance around and fight. I wouldn’t mind taking fights at heavyweight just for fun. I mean, if it’s just about having fun and getting paid, I’d rather go fight somewhere else. I would rather fight in a different division. Because I’m not going to fight the best guys at middleweight to get to nowhere. I’d rather fight fights that are fun, for me, and get me excited. Picking off people like Werdum.”

Rockhold approached the UFC back in February about a potential match up with Werdum so they could finally settle their differences that date back to their Strikeforce days but it is said Werdum had second thoughts about the matchup.  “I was serious,” Rockhold said. “I came to the UFC, came to everybody, and I talked about it. I believe they brought it to him and I believe he got cold feet. He turned around. He thinks he’s close to a title shot, which I think is a joke because the last thing they want is Werdum back in a title shot. But yeah, he got cold feet. He got a little scared and ran the other way. I love the match up. I’d love to go fight that guy.”

Would you like to see Rockhold move up to light heavyweight or even heavyweight? Who would be victorious if Rockhold and Werdum finally got to settle their differences inside the Octagon? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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