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Luke Rockhold encourages fellow middleweights to protest and say ‘F**k you’ to the UFC

“They’re trying to put these megafights together that don’t make sense”


With only one loss in the past 4 years Luke Rockhold feels he deserves a title shot, however he knows that it won’t be happening anytime soon. The #2 Ranked middleweight instead would like an interim title bout and is encouraging fellow fighters to tell the UFC “F**k you’ until one is made available.

Many fans aren’t happy with interim titles, but the current middleweight champion Michael Bisping hasn’t fought since October 8th, 2016. He is be scheduled to defend his belt once against UFC legend Georges St-Pierre but this fight isn’t expected to happen until sometime after October. This means there will have been more than a year with no defense from Bisping.

Once the title has then been defended over 6 months away it is likely that the next holder will then take 3-6 months or even a year to defend it again. This means there would have been no title opportunities for an active UFC middleweights for nearly 2 years. While a middleweight has been given a title shot, GSP has not been actively fighting since November 2013 and has he used his legacy alone to get the shot.

Rockhold told Ariel Helwani on the MMA Hour: “You can’t predict anything these days. So, the UFC is just chasing to pay off a debt really, is what they’re doing, trying to put these megafights together that don’t make sense. I don’t know. You never know what they’re going to do these days. Who knows.”

Anderson Silva recently demanded an interim title shot against Yoel Romero, he claimed that he would retire if he did not get one. Dana White fired back saying he should retire as Anderson Silva’s legacy is great, but his recent return has not been.

Rockhold responded to the situation by saying:

“We’ll see. I think everyone needs to step up and make something happen. The middleweights need to step up and hold their ground.”

Rockhold appears to be fed up with the way the UFC are treating there fighters and so are many others. With more and more complaints coming in will the new owners make a change and put the fighters before money?

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