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Live: Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather London Press Conference

The final showdown before the big fight!

The final stop of the Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor world tour takes place today in London!

Last night the tour stopped off in New York – The event got off to a very late start being delayed by almost 2 hours for so far undisclosed reasons. When the festivities finally got underway it soon heated up!

Conor came out in a Gucci mink suit and proceeded to trash talk Mayweather and Showtime Sports, pointing to his genitals and telling them to suck his d**k. McGregor didn’t have much to say to his opponent on what he’ll do to him come fight night, he seemed to be more focused on showing off his attire. He also took the time to give a shout out to the man he shares the same nickname as – Biggie Smalls, but proceeded to diss 50 Cent calling him a ‘Bitch’.  He followed this up by presenting Mayweather with a copy of Jay Z’s 4:44 album, telling him to listen to it, he may learn a thing or two.

Mayweather repeated pretty much what he’s been stating over the past two days, Conor, in his eyes, is a quitter. “You tapped once, you tapped twice, you tapped three times!” Mayweather said to his opponent, “they say once you quit once, you quite two times, but three times?” – He then opened up his bag and proceeded to make it rain money over the stage.

It was here things started to heat up, Mayweather signalled to his entourage and then began to flank around McGregor, there seemed to be a bit of confusion and an intense staredown between the UFCs and Mayweather’s entourages ensued. This, however, didn’t phase McGregor who approached several of Mayweather’s bodyguards and mocked them calling them strippers.

Finally, the two came together for an intense staredown, with McGregor having to be forced back by UFC president Dana White and UFC employees as things looked as though they would kick off before August 26th!

How will today’s London press conference go down? Tune in below and find out. The event is expected to get under way at 7pm GMT – However, given the delays in New York, the times may change. If you have missed the conference, you can still catch up on the stream below. Keep checking back with for all the latest developing stories on this super fight, and much much more.

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