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Laila Ali gives her take on McGregor vs Mayweather

“Don’t be pissed if it ends early”

Former undefeated boxer and daughter of the legendary Muhammad AliLaila Ali gives her take on the “World’s Collide” super-fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather.

Ali in an interview with “For the Win” stated that people need to understand that this fight is for fun, and they shouldn’t be too disappointed if the fight ends early or isn’t as competitive as one would hope.

Ali said “I just think the fans need to know it’s for fun. You’ve got a UFC fighter, with no boxing experience, fighting the best in the world. If you buy the fight, don’t be pissed if it ends too fast or it isn’t competitive. What do you expect?”

The mega fight between Mayweather and McGregor takes place in Las Vegas on August 26th – So far the boxing world seems to be very negative towards to fight, prominent boxing figures such as Oscar De La Hoya have questioned how the fight is even being sanctioned, which has prompted Dana White to suggest that all those who are opposing the fight are “simply jealous” because they aren’t apart of the “biggest fight in combat sports history.”

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