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Kevin Lee gives his opinions on Conor McGregor’s ‘Racist’ Remarks.

How can Conor McGregor truly know what he’s saying if he doesn’t understand it?

Kevin Lee doesn’t understand Conor’s racial slurs at the Mayweather McGregor world tour. “Honestly, I think that Conor doesn’t really understand, because he’s from a different culture,” Lee said to MMAjunkie. “He’s an Irishman. He’s a culture vulture.”

This all started on the first 2 stops of the world tour in LA and Toronto in which McGregor told Floyd “Dance for me boy” whilst on the stage. This all gotten worst when after the Toronto stop McGregor appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and said “Rocky 3 was the one with the dancing monkeys in the gym.” But then finally reached its worst and lowest point when Conor said he was “Black from the bellybutton down” and proceeded to hump the air and said “a little present for my beautiful black female fans.” But Lee is not happy and he does not understand why McGregor is doing this.

“You look at any other Irishman, no other Irishman got swag like that He’s a culture vulture. He is what he is. But I think he doesn’t understand the culture. He’s trying his best, and it’s just something that he didn’t grow up with. He ain’t grew up over here in the States. He doesn’t understand it to the core. He kind of understands it a little bit, but he don’t really understand it. He’s trying his best, but I didn’t hold it against him, because I honestly don’t think he understands it.”

Lee who is recently coming off a submission win expects to fight Conor in the future saying “He’s getting worse. I’m getting better So we’ll see what happens when we cross paths.”.

Do you Guys think Lee is right? And will they ever meet? Let us Know below!

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