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Jon Jones says “You protect your pride with lies” to Daniel Cormier

The two light heavyweight stars are going at each other again, let’s hope they bring this rivalry inside the Octagon.

The much-anticipated rematch of Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier is drawing ever closer. UFC 214 is the card which will see Jones’s return. The reason why the bout is ones fans can’t wait to see? The intense rivalry the pair have. That rivalry is something which is just growing stronger and stronger. Recently Jones and DC have been battling it out a UFC press conference and on Twitter, now Jones has fired his latest shots.

Current light heavyweight champion Cormier recently spoke out and told:

“I think he fought Ovince Saint Preux clean, and he didn’t like the way he felt, and tried to do something again dirty and he got caught at UFC 200,”.

Jones voiced his response via Twitter:

With Jones having received a suspension for drug just before UFC 200 Cormier has plenty of fuel to throw on the fire. He regularly calls on Jones about his previous troubles. He recently spoke on UFC Tonight saying:

“You heard Alexander Gustafsson now is saying he believes that Jon was enhanced throughout his career, but before, we had no sanctioning body like USADA. USADA now is on top of all that, so I do believe that we will see a different fighter in Anaheim, because I do believe he’ll have to be clean this time, otherwise he’ll be caught.” 

Jones, as usual fired back at Cormier’s comments:

Cormier has since replied to Jones on Twitter calling him a cheater yet again.

The two are not long from meeting inside the Octagon for the 2nd time. Let’s hope they bring the rivalry from outside into the Octagon and the fight which has been anticipated for such a long time will live up to its expectations.

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