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Jon Jones offers advice to Ronda Rousey and believes she could reclaim the belt

Jon Jones offers his advice for Ronda Rousey.

Current UFC megastar Jon Jones has given his opinion on Ronda Rousey’s loss courtesy of TMZ

When asked if he believed Ronda Rousey was overrated, just as Amanda Nunes had said, he responded with ‘I disagree, I think the sport is catching up with her’.

Jon also went on to say ‘People are realising she is not as good striking as she is on the ground’.

‘A Lesson to be learnt in Ronda’s situation is always to evolve’

Jon was also happy to give his opinion of Ronda’s return with ‘It’d be great to see her come back’ and he believes she still beats 90% of the division.

When asked if he believes Ronda could reclaim the belt, he thinks she could, but he was hesitant to agree she could win the title back from Amanda Nunes!

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"Don't be scared homie"

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