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Jon Jones on D.C, McGregor, Mayweather.

“I’ve already beaten 6 hall of famers, my resume is incomparable”

Jon Jones is set to return to the Octagon this Saturday, July 29th to settle an old score. He will step inside the cage to try and regain his light heavyweight title from Daniel Cormier. He was recently interviewed on Fox‘s Undisputed and had a few things to say regarding Daniel Cormier, Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather.

On Daniel Cormier.

When asked about his dislike on Cormier and the satellite interview, he responded with: ” I tried to make a conscious effort not engage with him because Daniel’s a guy who just wants to nit pick. On things that have nothing to do with fighting. At this point, one week away from the fight, you can talk about my past and some of the controversial things I’ve been a part of. It places no effect on whats going to happen on Saturday night. So I’m not going to sit here and go back and forth. I’m a grown man and the fight is all that really matters. I haven’t too much to say to him at this point, I’m going to do all my speaking in the octagon.”

On McGregor Vs Mayweather.

Jon Jones was then asked his views on the Money Fight, which will take place on August the 26th. As well as being asked what chance McGregor had. This is what Jones had to say: “I want to start by saying I admire Conor McGregor a lot. He’s done so much for our sport and shown me personally, that those numbers he’s achieving are possible. So he’s been a huge inspiration to me. But I’m also a fan of greatness and Floyd Mayweather is unquestionably great. I mean, to go 49 and 0 is something special. He’s 40 but I think Floyd takes care of himself, you know his an advocate of living the clean life and you’d be surprised of what you can get out of yourself. When you live the way Floyd does, you have all the resources to stay healthy and on top of your game.”

You can watch the full video of Jon Jones on Fox’s Undisputed here.


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