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Joe Lauzon Defends Reebok Sponsorship

“Reebok was willing to spend the most, and take a gamble on us, and it’s backfired”

In December 2014 a deal was struck between the UFC and sportswear giants Reebok. That was great news for the UFC and Reebok, but bad news for fighters. That is because Reebok won’t allow fighters to wear other sponsors on their shorts. This resulting in fighters losing a lot of money due to not being able to advertise for their sponsors. This is one of the main reasons a lot of fighters from the UFC roster are jumping ship. The most notable being Rory MacDonald who left for Bellator. Many fighters have spoken out against the Reebok deal and believe it unfair on them.

At the UFC fighters retreat in May, Kajan Johnson spoke of his displeasure of the deal. This resulted in him being escorted from the event. You can watch the video below.

Video courtesy of Fightlife YouTube/Alan Jouban


Joe Lauzon is one fighter who doesn’t share the same views as the others. In a recent interview with MMAFighting he was quoted to say: “We’ve basically become toxic at this point. There’s no way that Nike, or Under Armour or some other sponsor is going to come in, because, the UFC took the best offer they got, right? Reebok offered the most money. It’s not like Nike came in and was going to give them more money and the UFC went, ‘no, we’re going to go with Reebok instead.’ They went with the best offer, so Reebok was willing to spend the most, and take a gamble on us, and it’s backfired, it’s shot them in the face, right? It has not worked out at all.”


From the Reebok deal, fighters earn as little as $5,000 dollar fight bonus. Where as if fighters had sponsors such as Muscle Pharm, Budweiser and Venum for example, they would earn substantially more. So it is easy to see why they feel as if they are hard done by.

Do you agree with the Reebok deal? Do you think fighters should be able to wear shorts they want?

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