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Joanna Jedrzejczyk Knocked Out Rocky The Denver Nuggets Mascot…And We’ve Got Video!

Watch the Women’s Strawweight champion take care of business against her strangest opponent to date.

Watch the Women's Strawweight champion take care of business against her strangest opponent to date.

UFC star and Women’s Strawweight Champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk is continuing her unbeaten streak and showing just how dominant of a champion she is…by knocking out a fake mountain lion and a Denver Nuggets game.

Now details are sketchy about who started the fight but it’s clear as day who finished. Joanna successfully defended her title against the taller, heavier and more animalistic opponent. We’ve seen a lot of Joanna in the past but this cat has seemingly come out of nowhere to jump to the front of the queue to fight for the belt. Other fighters looking to strip Joanna of her title can rest easy though because the champ came out and finished her adversary with a big right hand early in the first round.

“Rocky” came out looking good, light on the feet, good head movement, but it turns out you can’t move a head the size of your torso for very long without getting hit.

Ok, obviously this was all a big joke and it was all in good fun, the guy in the suit is fine, Joanna didn’t break him that bad, Denver still has a mascot it’s all good. Still, funny right? Anyway here’s the video. (Credit goes to Live Nation Hip Hop on Youtube for the video)



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