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Why isn’t Ben Askren competing in the UFC?

Is Askren one of the best not to compete in the UFC?

The name Ben Askren may sound familiar to some fans, others it may not. The guy has some serious credentials and achievements on his record. From being an Olympic athlete to holding titles in Bellator and One FC. So why isn’t Askren fighting in the UFC? UFC president Dana White strongly believes that Askren has no interest in competing in their promotion. Askren on the other hand has spoke out claiming that Dana White stated he needed more experience.

War with White.

This apparently came about when they announced WWE superstat CM-Punk had signed with the UFC. Askren posted this on twitter. Although that was back in 2014 the NCAA wrestling champ, had quite the stellar record back then. Askren was undefeated in 9 Bellator fights, six of those as welterweight champion. Then he switched promotions to One FC, by August 2014 he was their welterweight champion.


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The question fans should be asking is how much experience does Askren need? As stated above CM-Punk signed with none at all. Askren is now 33 year old and is a seasoned veteran in MMA, that could mean one of two things. The first being Askren could be just coming into his prime, the second is that he’s pretty much done everything there is to do within MMA (apart from fight in the UFC). Meaning at the end of his One FC contract he could retire.

If he did jump to the UFC, he would more than likely compete in the already stacked welterweight division. Where he could face the possibility of fighting his training partner Tyron Woodley.

Would you like to see Askren in the UFC? Who else do you think should be on the UFC roster?

Let us know in the comment section below.


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