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“I’m Risking It All”

Floyd Mayweather puts his legacy on the line when he takes on Conor McGregor next week in Las Vegas.

With just a week left to wait until he competes in arguably the biggest fight in history when he takes on Conor McGregor at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Floyd Mayweather was asked for his thoughts on how this match-up will affect his legacy. Mayweather made it very clear that he feels that he has a lot more to lose than the UFC fighter going into this bout.

“I truly believe that I’ve taken a bigger risk.” said Mayweather on a media conference call on Thursday. “It’s a big reward for both, but I’m taking the bigger risk. I have the 49-0 record. My legacy, my boxing record. Everything is on the line.”

Mayweather, 40, retired back in September 2015 after defeating Andre Berto via unanimous decision and is only coming back for the Notorious One.

“It’s all about taking risks and I wouldn’t be where I’m at if I didn’t take risks. So I don’t mind putting the 49-0 record on the line, I don’t mind putting everything on the line for this fight. I feel like it’s worth it.”

Mayweather was also asked about how important it is for him to surpass the undefeated professional record of heavyweight legend, Rocky Marciano, who was also 49-0 when he walked away from the sport. Mayweather was quick to pay his respects but preferred not to compare the two.

“I don’t really try to focus on other fighters, but I’m very appreciative for every fighter that paved the way for me to be where I’m at,” said Mayweather. “I always talk about how I appreciate the legendary fighters, even though there’s the number 50, this is my 50th fight, that’s not really my focus.

“My focus is to go out there and give the fans an exciting fight, even though I know this is number 50 and we’re constantly talking about Rocky Marciano. I just always wanted to let the fans and the people know that Rocky Marciano is a legend. Rocky Marciano did it his way and I just like to try and do it the Mayweather way.”

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