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Holly Holm open to featherweight return after her title fight ended in controversial fashion.

Could we see the former bantamweight champion return to 145lb?

Holly Holm has always been a bantamweight in her UFC career but this came with its up’s and downs. Holly even defeated the dominate Ronda Rousey for the bantamweight championship, before losing it to Meisha Tate. So after a tough few months for Holm when the UFC gave her a chance to fight for the first women’s featherweight belt she jumped at the chance.

After a hard 5 round fight, Holm fell short of her goal losing out via decision, but this win was filled with controversy with the two even discussing a rematch. Holly argued that she had done enough for the judges to decide her as the winner, saying Germain’s most hurtful punches came after the bell. Of course, the heartbreak of losing still lingers in Holm’s mind and this seems something she wants to change sooner rather than later. Holm isn’t saying Germain is a dirty fighter she just firmly believes she did enough to take home the Featherweight crown.

Holm commented on this to Fox Sports saying “Part of me was just like yeah, I felt like I did more to win the fight but on another hand, guess I should have made it more clear, So I wanted to get back in there and get better. Sitting around and moping around about it wasn’t going to do anything or fix anything. So let’s just get back and get better. There’s a reason I didn’t win the fight, I obviously didn’t do enough. I felt like I had done enough to win the fight, but I definitely could have made it more clear.

Holm is currently preparing for her upcoming bout with Bethe Correia at UFC Singapore. What do you think about Holm’s comments? Would she be successful at 145? Let us know in the comments below.

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