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Georges St Pierre promises more excitement

The returning Canadian vows to look for more finishes this time around.

Georges St-Pierre promises to be more aggressive and to more frequently look for the finish when he makes his return to the octagon later this year.

The former welterweight champion told Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour that he wants more stoppages on his record and that he also wants to hurt his opponents.

GSP is set to make his hugely anticipated return at UFC 217 where he’ll take on current middleweight champion, Michael Bisping.

“I’ve trained a lot of things” said the former welterweight champion. “I’m gonna be more there to hurt guys and to go for the finish. To submit, or to break, or to go for the knockout.

St-Pierre, 36, admitted that this wasn’t the case for him in his first stint in the UFC. He claimed he just made sure that he was going to win the fight, regardless of how it might have looked for the fans.

“If he doesn’t open up, you keep doing what you do well to win the fight” said St-Pierre. “You’re winning, so you don’t necessarily change. This will no longer be the case for me.”

“They were accepting the defeat” said St-Pierre on previous opponents. “They knew they were going to lose before the end of the fight. They were fighting to not get beat up too much instead of fighting to win.”

“On my side, I was fighting to win, but it’s hard. You know that if you’re exposing yourself to silly openings, you can get beat up.”

St-Pierre has however said that he does not expect this mentality from the middleweight champion and has heaped praise on the Englishman for his durability, claiming he is a worthy adversary.

“It will be tough” St-Pierre said. “Michael is a very courageous man. He always comes forward. He never backs down. Mentally, he’s very tough.”

If there are openings to end the fight against Bisping, St-Pierre assures fans that he’ll capitalise on them.

“I made my training to be more opportunistic” said the Canadian, “to be more aggressive for the finish.”

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