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Gabi Garcia Defeats 49 Year Old Former Pro Wreslter Yumiko Hotta (Video) -Rizin MMA

So nowadays some organisations decide they want to put on “freak show fights” to bring the viewers in.  Who can blame them? Anything that brings eyes to the screen is usually a good thing…well except Kimbo Slice Vs. Dada 5000, that was a pretty big let down.

During this era of “special fights” sometimes there’s one that either shouldn’t happen or if it’s gonna happen, you just sit back and try to enjoy the ride. This was one of those fights. This one was nuts from the get go. Gabi Garcia is a 6ft 2″ 94Kg (207lb) undefeated phenom, Yumiko Hotta is a 5ft 6″ 72Kg (159lb) pro wreslter who spent half the match bouncing off the ropes like she was in NJPW.

I don’t know how big of a name Yumiko Hotta is in Japan, but I do know that pro wrestling is HUGE in Japan. Massive. So maybe it was worth it for her to get beaten up for a round and cash that cheque, but man…it sure didn’t look worth it. Hotta got her a** kicked.

Before the fight Hotta looked terrified, which I can understand, I was terrified watching this. I don’t know if I could have stepped in the ring if I was her.

This is no one-off fight for Hotta, there was a time where her record was 4-1 buuuuuut that was in 1996. After this loss she sits on a 5-5 lifetime record, which isn’t too bad. Some people never make that. But it doesn’t look like an MMA career is in her future.

Hopefully she made enough money from this to live comfortably for a while, all the best to her, and hopefully Rizin can find Gabi Garcia a real opponent soon.


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