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Who Are The Free Agents In MMA?

The top 5 free agents in MMA at the minute.

Like in any other sport, the competitors are only contracted to a company for so long. Some get contracts for 4 fights, others shorter or longer. In regards to that when their contracts are up they become free agents. Here we look at the top 5 free agents to date.


In first place is middleweight title challenger Gegard Mousasi. Despite the rumours that he has signed a new contract with the UFC, Mousasi has quickly shot them down. He is currently a free agent and holding out for a better contract offer from the UFC before looking elsewhere. Many other companies will jump at that chance to sign the former Strikeforce middleweight champion.


Coming in at second place is one of only 3 men to defeat Conor McGregor. That man is ‘Irish’ Joe Duffy, Duffy has had a good run within the UFC (4-1-0). With him having a good record in the UFC, it is likely he will re-sign with the company if the money is right. If not expect Joe Duffy to jump ship and head their rivals Bellator.


Jake Shields is a veteran of the sport having in fought in more or less all major promotions from Strikeforce to WSOF. Shields has had a successful career in MMA so he won’t be short of suitors. WSOF is going in a new direction as of late, preferring younger talent to old. So in saying that, it means Shields becomes a free agent. Bellator is one possible destination for shields or he could simply retire.


Number 4 is a man that has been a free agent since February. Rick Story got released by the UFC on the back of a loss to Donald Cerrone. He’s in no means a talent-less fighter as he compiled 12 wins in a 18 fight career with the UFC. Story is currently nursing injuries but could possibly return to fighting in the future. Albeit it won’t be with the UFC as sources are told Story has said he felt expendable by the company.


Number 5 isn’t a free agent as of yet, but only has one fight left on his contract. Once that fight is up there will be many companies battling for his signature. The man in question is Michael ‘Venom’ Page. It is likely he could stay with Bellator due to loyalty and respect. But who knows what could happen in the world of MMA, UFC could make him the new star of the company.

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