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Former UFC fighter involved in double KO in Thailand [Video]

An Ex UFC fighter got in a 1 in a million situation while fighting in MAX Muay Thai.

Before we get to the video something needs to be explained. If this happened in MMA the call would be both fighters are out, therefore, it’s (most likely) a draw. However, for boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai it’s slightly different. If both fighters get kicked out cold simultaneously then the ref starts a 10 count, if one fighter manages to come to then he/she is declared the winner.

Former UFC fighter Dorian Price (MMA record 8-5) now does Muay Thai fighting at a pretty high level in Thailand, even fighting for the King of Thailand’s birthday once. In this fight he was taking on Jonathan Lecat, a vet in Muay Thai, when a one in a million event happened.

**SPOILERS** If you don’t wanna know what happens before you see the video, scroll down and watch it.

SPOILER START: Up until this point the fight had been pretty even, a good back and forth and I guess it ended the same way. Price threw a straight right at the exact same moment Lecat threw a right elbow, both connected, both fighters went down. As explained previously, when both fighters in Muay Thai are clearly knocked out, the 10 count begins, if one fighter gets up before 10, they’re the winner. That’s what happened in this case. Price was able to get up before the count of 10 and Lecat stayed down. Even though Price got up he was still clearly wobbled, barely walking, so it was a close call for Price.

Here’s the clip of the knockout:


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