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Derrick Lewis on his new contract: “I’m one of the highest paid heavyweights now.”

The ‘Black Beast’ claims to be one of the highest paid heavyweights on the roster.

After his dominant knockout of Travis Browne in February, Derrick Lewis had all of his intentions set on taking some time off, but in a sudden turn of events, he has announced he will be fighting Veteran Heavyweight knockout artist Mark Hunt which takes place in New Zealand and UFC Fight Night 110.  “The Black Beast” is one of the most promising heavyweights on the roster, due to his serious knockout power and the dominant performance he’s putting on whilst doing it, he is on the verge of a title shot after his most recent KO over Travis Browne. Lewis is on a brutal 6 fight win streak, the only man not to be brutalized by the “Black Beast” was Roy Nelson in July 2016.

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Lewis has recently signed a new deal with the UFC and took to The MMA Hour to talk about this saying “I had thrown a crazy number at them, and told them this is what I’d like, it’s the only way I’d fight, is for this certain amount of money, I didn’t even think they’d say okay, yeah, we’ll agree to that amount. I didn’t even think they would, and I was like, damn, I should have asked for more money then. And so they gave me the right type of contract that I wanted, and that’s the reason I’m fighting right now.” One of the things he discussed with Ariel Helwani was that the figure was close to seven figures.

With Lewis scheduled to fight in June comes with some worry, Derrick claims to have broken a rib in the Travis fight that’s why he needed some time out to rest and recover. But with this jump back into competition, we all hope that Derrick can make it through his camp without aggravating the injury.

What do you guys think about Derrick’s new contract? Let us know down below.


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