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DC will only co-main event to Conor McGregor

Daniel Cormier will only co-main event to Conor Mcgregor. Anything else he wants the main event slot.

The light heavyweight division has had a dark cloud linger over it ever since Jon Jones received a one-year suspension from USADA with a banned substance. Jones has 1 blemish on his record stemming from a disqualification against Matt Hamill. Jones was stripped of his title and the current holder, Daniel Cormier, lost to Jones at UFC 182 via unanimous decision.

Since then, people have doubted the legitimacy of the light heavyweight title holder if they don’t beat Jones. Before this, though, DC will have to defend his belt against the man he won the vacant belt against, Anthony “Rumble” Johnson. UFC President Dana White likes the idea that the next light heavyweight title bout will be the winner of the rematch and Jon “bones” Jones. His suspension is up at the end of July.

Cormier and Jones have a very heated rivalry. They even had a brawl at a staredown and sparred with words constantly through interviews and social media. Cormier and Jones were supposed to fight at UFC 200 which would’ve provided both men with a career-changing payday. The USADA test failure by Jones left DC to fight Anderson Silva in a 3 round fight for substantially less pay.

Despite this, Cormier won’t dismiss Jon as his next opponent if he gets past Rumble. Speaking on The MMA Hour, DC said, “Sure, whatever, I’d like to fight Jon Jones. That’s what I’ve been trying to do since 2015. It’s been years, that’s all I’ve been wanting to do is get another opportunity to fight him. So yeah, sure, if you want to give him a title shot, go ahead. That’s fine. I think, as long as the man has his affairs in order, he’ll be good to go.”

Stemming from his Olympic wrestling background, Cormier is extremely competitive and wants to avenge his loss to Jones above most things. With a heated rivalry and being 1 fight down to his rival, DC would love nothing more than to welcome Jones back from his suspension with his loss to Jones also being the only blemish on his record.


A worry is that the fight would end up being pulled as it has been done previously. “We’d all have to have some discussions. I’m not going to fight Jones just on some card. It would have to be a certain type of card if we were going to take a co-main event type of role.”

“But therein lies another issue. I’ll put it out there: Jon and I will not fight in the co-main event to anyone but Conor McGregor.”

DC continued, “That’s the only way that makes sense, right? So there’s the problem. Now you have a whole bunch of guys who make a whole bunch of money on one fight card.” It would make sense for DC to want the co-main event to a Conor McGregor card. The champion, DC, would get PPV points and everyone knows that Conor McGregor PPVs get the most buys in the business. At 37, Cormier has many accomplishments, undefeated at heavyweight and light heavyweight champion with only one mark on his record against arguably the greatest fighter on the planet.

Now, every avenue leads back to a rematch with Jones. “It always has been. I said after I lost to him the first time and we were supposed to fight in 2015, I said give me the two toughest guys the division has to offer. At that time it was Gustafsson and “Rumble.” I’ll beat them so that I can get back to this guy. I did it in a year, and I was ready to fight in April. Then I got the injury and everything that happened in July didn’t offer us the chance to fight, so I fought Anderson. I’m like, just get me back to where I need to be inside the Octagon against Jones. That’s really what it all leads to.”

For DC, it’s about his legacy now. The paydays will be great as long as he remains champion and that’s what will add to his legacy. Things like title defences and avenging his sole loss will all add to his legacy. Meaning that he inevitably will have to, and want to, cross paths against with Jon “bones” Jones.

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