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Dana White: Conor McGregor ‘might never fight again’ after Floyd bout’

Will McGregor ever return to the Octagon?

In an interview before the first Mayweather McGregor press conference, Dana White commented on McGregor returning to the UFC octagon saying “I had a bunch of guys who worked for us in the UFC and made a bunch of money and they’re gone now. You know? You just don’t know, if he’s going to come in and make this kind of money, he might never fight again,” This is weeks after Conor’s coach said he is looking for a return in December, this added to further rumours that were circulating around Social Media.

After McGregor became the first UFC fighter to hold 2 belts in separate weight classes it seems he doesn’t want to get in Conor’s way even if he doesn’t want to return to the UFC. Dana further commented on McGregor’s place with the UFC by saying “That’s part of the deal, you know? This kid has done a lot for the sport, a lot for the company and this is the fight that he wanted, so we’re going to give it to him. And if this is the end of his career, then it is what it is” Dana has a lot to thank Conor for but there are quite a few Lightweights who want the champ. The person who seems to want McGregor the most is Tony Ferguson, Will this be McGregor’s next fight?

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