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Conor McGregor Ready To ‘CHEAT’ Against Floyd Mayweather?

Is there a possibility that this will actually happen?

With news circulating that the McGregor vs Mayweather crossover fight is edging towards an agreement, many fans are already shutting down the Irishman’s chances, claiming, under boxing rules, McGregor doesn’t stand a chance.

Although it is to be expected, talented fighters from both boxing and MMA have shared their opinions regarding the outcome of the fight, but one stands out from the rest, after ESPN Boxing Analyst, Teddy Atlas, made a very controversial claim.



During a recent on the phone interview, Teddy Atlas claimed McGregor could possibly cheat and risk losing the fight to gain more popularity. He said.

“If McGregor really can’t win this fight standing up under those rules… Then why would he take it? Because he would break the rules.”


He continued and said.

“He would pin him and then he would proclaim himself the king of the ring. Even though he might lose the purse money, his brand would go through the roof.”


There is doubt this will be McGregor‘s approach and it seems he solely believes he will go out there and cause an upset while facing Mayweather at his own game.


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