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Conor McGregor “Improving on a daily basis”

Conor making daily improvements, Paulie Malignaggi goes on epic twitter rant

Conor McGregor’s boxing coach Owen Roddy has made claims that McGregor is improving by the day ahead of his August 26th clash against Floyd Mayweather!

Speaking to Sky Sports ahead of the clash Roddy has stated that his team are “very happy and very excited” in terms of McGregor’s performance in sparring ahead of the boxing bout.

Roddy has stated that although there are less than three weeks until the bout McGregor will be making huge improvements. “Conor improves daily. The Conor of today is better than the Conor of yesterday, he gets better every single day.”

Roddy has stated that the UFC lightweight champion is “a good student” and that he has the uncanny ability to pick up on things, “I don’t know how he does it. I’ve never seen it before from any student.”

This is all despite losing a sparring partner late last week as Paulie Malignaggi left the Team McGregor camp over a dispute of leaked photos from their sparring sessions – Since then Paulie has gone on a range of Twitter rants, pleading with McGregor’s team to release the full sparring footage so the fans can get the full picture.

Paulie has even gone back on his own word, he stated previously that he would never disclose any information on sparring sessions with McGregor, however, he has since posted that “McGregor whimpers like a girl” when taking body shots.

So what do you make of these “improvements” Conor is making? and what do you think of Paulie’s Twitter rants against team McGregor? Sound off in the comments below.

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