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Conor McGregor is “free agent” when it comes to sponsors for Floyd Mayweather fight

Could we see McGregor don a brand other than Reebok?


Conor McGregor may not wear Reebok for his fight with Floyd Mayweather.  McGregor’s agent, Audie Attar confirmed his client is not tied into sponsorship with Reebok or the UFC and is a free agent when it comes to his fight sponsors for his highly anticipated boxing debut this August.

“There’s a lot of open categories that we’ve been negotiating with brands, including Reebok,” Attar said. “We’ll see how that all plays out.”

The UFC and Reebok began working together in 2015 meaning fighters can only wear Reebok during fight week and during the fight itself. McGregor also has an individual contract with Reebok as a UFC athlete but Attar confirmed this does not extend over to boxing.

“He’s currently a free agent with regard to athletic apparel,” Attar said. “We’re still in discussions with Reebok and other brands.  It’s definitely a great opportunity for Conor and any brand we decide to align with,” Attar stated.

It is rumored McGregor will make close to $100 million but now with the ability to obtain apparel sponsorship outside of his Reebok deal will only add to that figure.  Attar wouldn’t comment on the actual figure McGregor will make from the fight as both fighters have signed a confidentiality agreement.  “Conor is well taken care of,” Attar said.

Will we see McGregor wear Reebok? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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