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Conor McGregor: The Big Announcement

Dana White has dropped hints that The Notorious has a big left field announcement to drop at UFC 205.

The excitement is in the air for UFC 205, Conor McGregor will headline the night against opponent Eddie Alvarez. Potentially McGregor could make UFC history and hold two belts simultaneously. While Dana White says if McGregor wins he’ll be forced to drop the featherweight belt ‘The Notorious’ says he’ll need an army to take it from him.

As McGregor is such an asset to the UFC it’s more than likely he’ll get his own way and be given the opportunity to defend the belt and not be stripped like speculation suggests.

This brings us onto the first thing that may potentially be announced at UFC 205.

The defence of the featherweight belt – While Jose Aldo has recently announced he would like a release from the UFC it will not be that simple for him. He has requested release as he has not been given the opportunity to win the belt back for almost a year now. It was back in December 2015 that McGregor took the belt from Aldo via a 13-second ko. As Jose Aldo is tied down with a contract with the UFC and the fans would live to see McGregor Vs Aldo 2 it is likely that Dana White will make it happen. Could this possibly be what McGregor will be announcing? We can’t tell just yet, so onto the next possibility.

Conor McGregor, left, fights Jose Aldo during a featherweight championship mixed martial arts bout at UFC 194, Saturday, Dec. 12, 2015, in Las Vegas. McGregor stopped Aldo with one spectacular punch just 13 seconds into the first round Saturday night, backing up his bravado and claiming the undisputed featherweight title at UFC 194 on Saturday night.

Conor McGregor, left, KO’s Jose Aldo in 13 seconds during a featherweight championship bout at UFC 194, Saturday, December 12th, 2015.

A much-needed break – As most people will know McGregor did sustain an injury to his shin/foot when he fought Nate Diaz. This could lead to McGregor needing some proper rest from most training and certainly fighting for his injury to fully heal. However, McGregor has often said himself that there is no issue with his leg any longer.

Conor McGregor (L) kicks Nate Diaz during their welterweight rematch at UFC 202.

Conor McGregor (L) kicks Nate Diaz during their welterweight rematch at UFC 202.

McGregor Vs Mayweather – This is something the fans would love to see, and it’s something McGregor continues to hint at. However recently Mayweather has put this idea to bed. But could this just be part of the plan? Potentially killing off the idea to increase the shock factor when it’s announced. This really would be ‘The Money Fight’. It won’t be so straightforward organising the event, both fighters will need to agree to some rules. It is unlikely that Mayweather will fight with MMA rules. This is our favourite possibility. Unlikely maybe… But impossible not.

Conor McGregor (L), Floyd Mayweather (R)

Conor McGregor (L), Floyd Mayweather (R)

An early retirement – McGregor is still in his prime at only 28, but he has already announced at the UFC 205 press conference he has earned around $40 million dollars this year alone. Certainly enough to retire young and live a financially stress-free life. If he makes history at UFC 205 then what a high to end his career on that would be. We hope this is not the case, as McGregor certainly is a fan favourite and a great trash talker and fighter. Possibly the best of his time.

The Kennedy's

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Possible pregnancy – Not McGregor of course, but long term partner Dee. McGregor has been with his girlfriend Dee Devlin for a number of years now, he has made it clear on numerous occasions how she has been with him through the good times and the bad. It seems that they are set for a long happy life together. They are both at the age now where children could be on the cards. If this is so, MMA may take a back seat for a while. But this will provide us with a Mini Mac who hopefully will follow in their father’s footsteps.

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