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Chris van Heerden “I Respect McGregor But I ain’t Floyd and I landed”

Former IBO and IBF welterweight champion Chris van Heerden explains the reason why he released that infamous sparring footage of him and Conor McGregor.

The former champion admitted that he leaked the footage because he was motivated by self-promotion, however, also because he’s he feels hurt that established boxers like himself are risking their lives boxing, seeing McGregor “who has zero knowledge of professional boxing” trying to make the boxing lifestyle seem easy by jumping straight from the Octagon into the squared circle – “It hurts me” Heerden stated.

Van Heerden states that he was asked to ‘spar’ McGregor during a trip to the Box ‘n’ Burn gym, he knew that at that time there was talk of a Mayweather fight brewing so in his mind he believed if he moved around with McGregor “people were going to want to know who I was”

In a tweet, Heerden stated “People are telling me Mayweather has his hands full, I respect McGregor BUT I ain’t Floyd and I landed”

The pair ‘sparred’ on two occasions at the Box ‘n’ Burn Academy in LA, according to Heerden the first occasion went well, however, he did cut McGregor on the nose “but it was all fun”, on the second occasion, however, he states that McGregor turned up with a camera crew, so Heerden asked a friend to also record the session.

He states that he gave no one either in the McGregor camp or from Box ‘n’ Burn permission to publish any material stemming from the sparring session, however, the next thing he knew it appeared on TMZ and simply blew up from there.

Heerden felt that after more footage appeared on ‘MacLife’ this time apparently edited in a way which favors McGregor, he felt like this was putting his professional reputation was in disrepute and so he states this is the reason he decided to publish his version of the video, this time unedited, he claims.

“I put out the 6-minute unedited version that my friend had, I gave it to TMZ. People can judge the spar from that.”

However, Box ‘n’ Burn owner Tony Jefferies gives a different account on the matter, Jefferies appeared recently on an episode of ‘Big Brown Breakdown‘ and his shed some different light on the incident.

Tony states “When they (McGregor and his team) first came in they were like, ‘Have you got anyone we could move around with?'” both he and Brendan Schaub agree that there is a stark contrast between ‘sparring’ and ‘moving around’ he also then states that he was very surprised that they allowed anyone to record such a session, as he does not allow anyone to record sparring session at his gym whilst fighters are in camp.

“Then we had TMZ on the phone all the time, asking, can we have this footage and I was like ‘Not a F*****g chance!” states Jefferies – he goes on further saying “Then I had McGregors manager calling me, and I said to him listen, mate, I have all these people calling me asking for footage, and he tells me well if you have any don’t give it to them directly, just put it on social media, so we put it on the Box ‘n’ Burn Instagram and YouTube – Within the hour Audie calls us saying, Tony, you need to take the footage down, I didn’t realise you put the clip of them sparring on”

Tony states that he then took the video down however by this point it was already too late, sites like TMZ had already ripped the video and posted it on the internet.

Schaub puts it to Jefferies that it’s “not like you guys would ever secretly record them sparring” to which Jefferies replies “F**k no! We’d never do that – Conor was down 4/5 weeks ago he loves the gym.” He further states that McGregor was going 5-minute rounds on the bag and in between rounds he didn’t stop, and he was surprised by how well conditioned he is.

Box ‘n’ Burn coach Glenn Holmes states that whilst Heerden is at the moment receiving some publicity it is only short term and that he has now “screwed himself out of ever working with McGregor again, or any big names, I don’t think they would have brought him in for Mayweather because he’s southpaw, but that’s definitely not happening now ”

Jefferies also states that the relationship with Heerden has definitely now gone, however, he hopes that it’s still there with McGregor and he hopes McGregor will come down to Box ‘n’ Burn the next time he is in LA.

See the full interview below. has reached out to Box ‘n’ Burn and Tony Jefferies to get more clarification on his view of the situation, Tony was generous enough to reply and confirmed and reiterated once again that it was McGregors management that told him to post the video.

So do you think Chris van Heerden is simply using Conor’s name to self-promote himself? Does this hurt him in the long run? What do you think of Jefferies comments regarding the sparring session and how it transpired? Sound off in the comments below and be sure to check back with for all your latest MMA News.

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